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Our Newsroom & Editorial Process

Banyon Elm is a new American news company targeted mostly towards younger audiences. We provide you with the most important news throughout the day, and we place a special emphasis on pop culture happenings and how we can best tackle climate change, as those are topics that younger audiences are attracted to.

Yes, Banyon Elm is reliable. We check each detail of our stories diligently before publishing to ensure that we never spread false information. Like everyone, we do occasionally make mistakes. In these cases, we always issue an apology and correct the mistake immediately.

We have teams assigned to each of our news sections. When an event occurs, the team quickly assigns it to the person most equipped to write about it. That person will then cover the event as objectively as possible, they will pass it on to the first round of editors who will scour for errors or improvements to be made, and those editors will then pass the story on to the second round of editors who will do the same with fresh eyes. Finally, the story will be passed to one of our chief editors who will give the final stamp of approval.

You can email it to where it will eventually be relayed to the specific editor, you can mail it to our office at 112 Mail St, Seattle WA 13245, or you can research the specific editor that you would like to reach to find their email address.

We do not publish opinion pieces in order to keep our information as unbiased as possible. We strive to inform Americans in a way that is completely truthful and does not intend to sway opinions one way or another. However, if you would like an Op-Ed essay to be reviewed by our renowned editors, you may email it to

Getting Involved

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, you can apply at We require all of our writers, editors, and other assisting staff to have at least a Bachelor's degree in Journalism or English or an exceptional amount of experience.

You can email articles to to be reviewed. If our editors find your article to be of an acceptable quality, it will be published on our site and you will be given credit as the author.

We have a very diverse team of over 500 valued people here at Banyon Elm. We welcome everyone and strive to attain a multitude of perspectives among our staff.

We require all Banyon Elm candidates to have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism or English or an equivalent amount of experience writing. We also require candidates to have stellar computer skills, communication skills, and be passionate about the world around them. If this is you, apply to be a part of our team at

Account Management

Subscribing to Banyon Elm does not cost anything! All you need to do to get unlimited access to our site is create an account and subscribe to our daily newsletters via email. We believe that information is a right, not a commodity.

Having an account as well as a newsletter subscription allows you full access to our site. If you do not have an account, you will only be allowed 2 articles and 1 video per week.

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