Centible Design Display


I began working on Centible as Lead UI/UX Designer at its conception with App Team Carolina in January 2022. This project was submitted to a hackathon in April 2022 where it won prizes for Best Mobile App and Best Functionality.

The Problem

As a group of college students, we noticed that there were very few finance management apps catered specifically towards students who are just learning how to live on their own and likely do not have stable incomes. As a team, we sat down together and compared our current methods of tracking spending and found that most of us resorted to using spreadsheets or notebooks rather than existing apps because they were hard to adapt to our unique situations.

Competitive Audit

Rocket Money
YNAB (You Need A Budget)
Onboarding flow
Spending comparison over time
Custom category support
Interactive transaction sorting system
Spending insights (e.g. notifications, summary data)
Syncing with banks

The Solution

Centible is a finance management iOS app intended to help users become more mindful of their spending by allowing them to create custom categories to sort their transactions into. Centible connects to users’ bank accounts securely via Plaid and displays data about overall spending over time, individual transactions, and multiple types of accounts such as Checking and Saving.

Unlike other finance management apps, Centible has an interactive sorting system that encourages users to think more about how they are spending their money. In our sorting system, Centible shows one transaction at a time, the user selects which category it belongs in, Centible shows the next transaction, and so forth.

Centible’s simple graphics that compare the user’s spending over time in conjuction with our Quick Sort feature results in a spending tracker app that is free of intimidating features such as stock options and insurance information and encourages students to be more mindful of their spending.