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A Long Road to Freedom

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This is a news-style data visualization site that I made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax with JSON data, and several chart-making softwares for a college course in November 2021.

The general goal for this assignment was to create a data-centric article that looks like it is on a real news site. For mine, I mimicked the styling of the Washington Post. From there, the goal was to choose a topic that warrants data visualization, find the data to do so, and use Ajax to put that data into multiple types of charts and graphics.

To do this assignment, I first thought about topics that interested me that I wanted to learn more about, and I settled on something to do with the prison system. I found an enormous table of data about 2,883 people who were wrongfully convicted on The National Registry of Exonerations, I put the table in an Excel spreadsheet, and I performed many functions in there to count the amounts of certain instances in the table to get the proper data for my charts. Then, I downloaded my datasets as csv files and used an online tool to convert them to JSON. Then, I used Data to make two tables for my site, I used  c3 to make multiple bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts, and I also used  amCharts to make a heatmap of where exonerations occurred.